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Krista Porteous

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My Story

 MY SCENTSY STORY  I would like to share with you when and why I joined Scentsy, what it has done for me and my family, and what I see in my future with Scentsy...My Scentsy Story. I am a loving wife, a proud Mother of 4 beautiful children, a small business owner of a First Aid company, and living my life-long dream career as a full time Paramedic in Lambton County.  My calendar is jam-packed with work, meetings, soccer, hockey, driving, events, and more.  I don't miss my kids' sports, I love nothing more than my family time that I enjoy very often, I volunteer at the schools, I always find time for my friends, and most importantly, my husband, kids and myself.  If I had known better, I would have said I couldn't ever find time for anything else.  In October 2010, I was providing First Aid coverage to a local event with my husband who is also a Paramedic.  We went for a lunch time stroll through the big vendor buildings.  As soon as we entered the huge barn, an amazing smell overcame me and I had to find it.  We walked around enjoying all the different vendor items until I found it.  A sea of purple and green, a friendly smile greeting us, an array of beautiful warmers and many different bars of wax organized on the table.  I spotted a warmer that had a glow coming from within, and that was the warmer that had lured me from the doorway.  I had to have it.  I carefully studied all the different warmers, thinking of the decor of my house and which one would suit perfectly.  I then opened the scented bars one by one, falling in love with several of them.  Small talk from the Scentsy consultant made for great chit chat while admiring her products.   Her name was Joyce and little did I know that Joyce's decision to be at that fair that day would change my life forever.  We picked out the products that we wanted and told her we would be back near the end of the day to retrieve them.  I couldn't stop thinking about it.  My husband had always loved scented wax that warmed with a tea light candle, but having been a firefighter for 10 years, this made me nervous over the years and I would constantly blow them out.  I too love a great smelling home, but not worth the danger to me.  Scentsy was different.  Safe, scented wax, warmed with a light bulb? Brilliant!!  I flipped through the catalogue that I had picked up, when my husband suggests me selling it.  I laughed, and laughed some more.  He had to be kidding.  Where did he think I could find time to sell stuff?  I'm a Paramedic, not a sales person.  I was sure selling Scentsy and being successful at it would require loads of time, work, and who knows how much money it would cost me, not to mention, I figured it had to be one of those companies that only the ones at the top make the money.  I flipped to the back of the catalogue, I googled on my iPhone, sure to find a reason to show him it wasn't for me.  I couldn't find one.  Nothing on the internet to show this company had a bad rep, nothing on the internet that warned to stay away, absolutely nothing, and it was only $119 to join and get all signed up. That would provide me with everything I needed to get started.  My husband suggested selling it for a year or so, make a couple thousand bucks and then quit.  What's there to lose?  I read that I could do this at my own pace, make as little or as much as I wanted, that it would be my own business.  At that moment, there was nothing to lose.  I joined right then and there on my iPhone.  I went back in to tell Joyce I was on her team.  I told her not to expect too much of me as I had very little time to devote to this new venture.  I knew one thing though.  I knew I wanted to share this amazing and safe product with all of my friends and family so they would stop burning candles and whatever money I made in the meantime would be a bonus for us. It is now less than 2 years later.  I have not quit and can honestly say that I don't think I ever will.  Scentsy has brought me a new found pride in myself, an ability to talk to people-strangers even and a love for that, a new closeness within our family, a sparkle of entrepreneurship in my children's eyes, so many amazing new life-long friendships with people from all over the world, an ability to realize that I have all the time in the world for even more things, it's just all about the balance.  Before joining Scentsy, I had never been anywhere outside of Canada or just barely on the other side of the U.S border.  Since joining Scentsy, I have had the extreme pleasure of attaining the all so popular travel bug.  I've been to Mexico, Boise-Idaho (Scentsy's home) the Dominican Republic and to a place I've only ever dreamed of going, Las Vegas.  The travelling has only just begun and is only one of the many benefits I've had.  The extra income that I once thought would be a few extra bucks has turned into that of which most people work very hard at every day to earn at their jobs.  I have been able to put some money down on our debts and am confident that I will be debt free from my Scentsy income in no time at all. The time that I didn't think I had is just there.  I still work full time, go to my kid's sports games, volunteer, work my first aid business, and have lots of time at home with my family.  Scentsy has brought my family even closer together than before.  We work this business together.  I get help setting up at parties and shows, it's family time when orders arrive, there's stickers to put on products, sorting, packing and delivering to be done and we make it fun.  The kids love it.  And of course, I share my earnings with them, whether it is an ice cream cone, a promise to take another family vacation or more money in their piggy banks, Scentsy pay day makes us all smile. Scentsy is one of the most amazing companies I have ever heard of or had the pleasure of being a part of.  The owners take pride in making it as amazing as possible for all of their consultants and I have met them personally.  They are constantly expanding and providing us with even more opportunities to make ourselves successful and I look forward to growing with Scentsy for many years to come.  I have had the pleasure of several people joining my team and I know they have their own success stories.  I take great pride in knowing that I am a small part of someone's life changing forever, for the better!  Absolutely, hands down, the best $119 I have ever spent in my life.<!--endbody-->

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